Weekly Ballet Post, 4/9/18

Ballet has been very good for discovering just how my body works … and doesn’t. Minute differences in strength & flexibility between my left and right sides are amplified a hundredfold when I have to hoist one leg in the air while standing on the toes of the other.

Current tally:

Foot & ankle – left is stronger and more flexible (no surprise given bunion) … much nicer pointing and winging on the left foot
Leg – right is stronger, can raise it higher, better control
Hip – right has more turnout and strength and thus stability UNLESS the ankle/foot weakness interfere (so, when on demipointe)

Anything above the waist: haven’t stress tested yet!

Have embarked on grimly determined strength training of ankles/feet/hip on the right side. A good passé rélevé is my quarry and I will pursue relentlessly.


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