Weekly Ballet Post, 3/29/18

I had three weeks off dance recently. The first two were due to work. The third week there were time issues, but as I found out this week they closed because of snow anyway. It’s warming up now but class was relatively deserted last night so I got a bit more attention than usual. Some very helpful corrections on frappés!

I dutifully worked out as much as I could in the last weeks, although I confess I was (and am) getting tired of my Pilates workout. It was sure effective though. I did a new barre for kicks last week and felt my turnout muscles were way stronger than before. Last night in class I was able to hold my turnout better than any previous weeks.

Relentless rélevés have helped with demipointe a lot. Ironically, I irritated a callus right on top of the bunion pretty badly so I didn’t do great on my right foot in class. Maybe I should ice & ibuprofen before class …

Finally, I’m trying to find technique shoes that are better for bunions. Taping gets me pretty far but it’s not enough. Finding the perfect shoe is a personal saga for all dancers, but I saw one ballet dancer on YouTube whom I follow and who has bunions mention that she was wearing Body Wrapper TotalStretch shoes in one of her videos, so I ordered two pairs today. My local dance store doesn’t carry that brand so I’ve resorted to buy-and-try-and-hopefully-keep-one. Fingers (toes?) crossed.


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