Doggy dress lessons learned

The dress is a hit with Bean, but the fit has minor issues. That’s okay, this dress was meant as a prototype. She can still wear it fine, but it’s not as polished as it could be, even within the limitations of my skill.

– Neck binding stands up too much, so the shoulders do not lie flat. Next time finish by folding under (remember to add allowance!) and topstitching before joining shoulder seams. As a bonus, I won’t have to iron self bias tape!

– Do a better job with skirt gathering. Do not skimp! Use the double thread method next time. (I used a single thread this time.)

– Sleeves too narrow for a woven. They cannot be cuffed or rolled up for messy projects! I will probably just cut and re-finish the sleeves to make them short or cap sleeves once Bean approaches 3T size. But for the next dress, make the sleeves a consistent width throughout. These were tapered.


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