Mother of Pearl Sweater


I don’t get a lot of time to knit, so it’s always special when I finish something. This weekend I bound off / washed / blocked my Mother of Pearl sweater, which is pretty much the sweetest little thing. (I prefer simple shapes in clothing, and until Bean has the words to tell me what she likes, so does she by proxy. Haha.)

Knitting is by far the biggest competitor for my writing time (the relatively quick gratification is so nice as a writer!), and if good yarn weren’t so expensive it would win a lot more often. So you see, Madelinetosh et al’s price points are a good thing …

For any knitters who may be reading this: I made the 1 year old size with a lot of adjustments. The yarn was Dream In Color Classy (worsted) in the blue sulk colorway, which is obviously very different from my photo—I think they changed it though, because my yarn does not look like that at all, even allowing for lighting/monitor differences. Anyway, you can find the details on my Ravelry page.


Finding my way home

A blue bicycle parked in a fall wood near a bicycle path.

I am not burying my head in the sand–I cannot afford to–but I am also in need of beautiful things that I love, to sustain me. So here are some recent delights:

A bike in my favorite color. Beautiful trails that make me feel like I’m in an endless golden wood. Finding my way to a new home from a new job. Early afternoons. Sunshine on my face. Tea to drink. Books to read. Beloved family to see tomorrow.


IFTTT test

I have a couple of blogs scattered all around, and I decided it’s time to consolidate them. For a long time I didn’t want to; I preferred to silo all my interests. But you know what … I don’t really mind or care anymore. I am as much writer as knitter as apparel enthusiast as (terrible) photographer as (better) cook, etc etc etc. So from now on, I’m going to … let it all hang out, I suppose?

IFTTT is pretty good for this sort of thing but it doesn’t have a Dreamwidth module, and I still want to maintain my DW blog, so it’ll have to start from there via RSS feed and post to WordPress. There are two irritations: it doesn’t transfer tags, and the RSS feed adds an ugly line about the comment count, which I can’t get rid of. So those things, I will still have to manually update, but it’s better than nothing. DW can also automatically crosspost to LJ, which is nice. Anyway, this is the first post testing IFTTT functionality, so pardon my dust, etc. Much to do ahead as I tweak the WordPress.